Booked - A GZDoom-compatible CP where we do things by a preselected map title

You can generate and download a snapshot version of the project here. Snapshots will use whatever resources have been added to the project by contributors, and aren't guaranteed to be stable.

There are 17 maps in the project.


Map catalogue updated at January 8, 2022, 6:09 pm EST

MAP01Attack of the 8 flying tomatos V2xScavengerWolfx2022-01-02 3:22
MAP02Wood CrawlCBM2022-01-03 1:32
MAP03Resurrecting LuciferScrappy McDoogerton2021-09-09 12:59
MAP04Purified UAC RefineryRhhe822021-09-29 12:21
MAP05Reveal No Reaperegap982021-10-27 9:13
MAP06Electrified BleedingKnifeworld2021-12-01 4:07
MAP07Bloody DevilsOrigamyde2021-12-29 5:31
MAP08Beneath a Timeless CathedralDemondice2021-09-18 11:42
MAP09Revealing ZombieObake2021-09-16 2:44
MAP10The Prison of BurningBriche2021-12-23 7:48
MAP11Nordic Islandevilscientist422021-12-04 10:29
MAP12Wasting a Pain ElementalBloodbath Giraffe2022-01-02 4:19
MAP13Feared Space PyramidSynDoom2021-12-23 8:17
MAP14The Question Of HearingEngired2021-12-23 8:19
MAP15Bone WardRileyXY12021-12-29 7:38
MAP16Robot HellRileyXY12022-01-08 6:09
MAP17Dead CitySilverMiner2021-12-26 5:38